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Good Words


Hi Cadance, I just want to give you an update to let you know that after the last time I saw you, the pain in my shoulder went away. The reason I haven't come back is because it's doing so well. I am still taking things easy with my shoulder, but I have no pain with range of motion anymore. I was able to unload this dishwasher this weekend pain free. In addition, the rash on my arms has gone away and I don't have pain in my wrist anymore.

I also want to thank you for improving my quality of life. I plan to keep your number and see you again if I have any future problems or issues or pregnancy complications. I will highly recommend you to my friends and family and would be happy to be a reference for future clients if you ever need one. Thanks again for all of your help!

-Female, mid 20’s top


I have dealt with depression in the past and had recently been experiencing increased amounts of anxiety resulting in panic attacks. These attacks were debilitating and prevented me from working. The anxiety was a constant presence.

I first went to see Cadance for acupuncture on the recommendation of a friend. From the onset of treatments, she took great care in helping me identify some underlying environmental causes of the panic attacks. She made sure that I was comfortable at each step of the treatment process. Having never experience acupuncture previously, I was impressed by how pain-free and relaxing the treatment actually was. I frequently fell asleep during my sessions. Having the physical treatment and release that the treatments gave me was very satisfying and I believe it contributed significantly to the reduction of my anxiety level over all and essential elimination of panic attacks in my life.

-Male, 28 top


For the past five years—since turning 40—my periods had become erratic, difficult, and sometimes acutely painful. I’d been to the doctor a few times and once to the emergency room, it was so unbearable. If they had offered an emergency hysterectomy, I would’ve gladly accepted! I’d heard of acupuncture and was willing to try anything to ease the symptoms. The first treatment was the week before my period. The treatment was painless, and actually very relaxing—and the period came and went just as easily! I’ve had eight acupuncture and herbal treatments over nearly one year and since the first treatment my periods have been smooth, regular and pain-free!

Thanks to Cadance Paulaha not only for saving me from the terrible periods, but also from the worry and possibly invasive Western procedures!

-Beth, 45 top


In September 2008 I suddenly lost the hearing in my right ear, and six months later I gradually lost the hearing in my left ear. Two different ENT doctors at my clinic and an ENT doctor at the Mayo Clinic told me that I had an unusual condition for which there was no cure. I was fitted with hearing aids.

I was referred to Cadance by a friend, and started seeing her every week or two. She took a very detailed history, and listened carefully about my problem. She treated me with acupuncture, herbs, and dietary modifications. After about 8 treatments, my hearing improved to the point that I didn’t need my hearing aids. I was thrilled!

In addition, several nagging pains are gone completely, including some on and off pain in my right wrist and elbow, and occasional nerve pain in my left thigh.

Now I come whenever something comes up that traditional medicine can’t help. The acupuncture is not painful, since the needles are very fine, and I find it soothing. The herbal remedies are gentle and do not have side effects like the prescription medicines I have taken.

Julia P. top


At first I didn’t want to have acupuncture because I thought it would hurt. But then I did, and even had one in my ear, but felt nothing. I got better quickly. Now I like acupuncture.

Madelyn, age 10 top